The wait is over.. and it's Spectacular!!

Liz has been very busy over the summer, writing and drawing the new Tom Gates book Spectacular School Trip (Really...) which is NOW on sale!. 

It's based on the theatre show and it's very funny, with all your favourite characters and some exciting things to do make too! Kazoo..  

You can order your copy now.


Not only is there a new Tom Gates story but there's also a Tom Gates The MUSIC book for all you budding musicians. It's out on 10th October! Rock on!

You can learn how to play original music from the books AND you can use the songs as part of a graded music exam. Check out the Tom Gates Brilliant MUSIC App  which you can use to help learn the music and play your chosen instrument. 


It's out on NOW! It's out on NOW!
You can Pre Order now! You can Pre Order now!