Book Twenty- Tom Gates: Happy To Help (Eventually)

Book 20 in the BRILLIANT Tom Gates series! 

The top-of-the-class, extra special new bestseller from Liz. A feel-good, laugh-out-loud, packed-with-pictures Tom Gates story!

It's TIDY UP Saturday, but Tom is VERY busy relaxing and not helping out much. Until he spots the art box of his dreams in a shop window and everything changes. He's suddenly focused on earning extra pocket money and helping with EVERYTHING. But nothing quite goes to plan.

Washing and shrinking Delia's clothes isn't a good start. And the hours spent carefully cleaning cars with Derek are ruined overnight when a storm hits Oakfield Town, causing even MORE chaos. At this rate it's going to take a MILLION years for Tom to get the art box of his dreams... or will it?

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