The Tom Gates Music Book is out on 10th October!

Take your Rockschool Debut Exam with Tom Gates! From DogZombies to Dude3, music is a HUGE part of the Tom Gates world.

Learn how to play all your favourite songs from the series with REAL notation for: - Guitar - Ukulele - Piano - Recorder And with notation for drums and tips and tricks for vocals!


And why not download the Tom Gates Music App (Try it Free!) to help you learn all the songs and how to play them. 

Learn it, Sing it, Play it! Learn it, Sing it, Play it!

The Tom Gates Brilliant Music App is out and can be downloaded for free for your phone or tablet from the AppleStore or from GooglePlay.

Featuring music from Dog Zombies, Dude3, Plastic Cup and the Oakfield School Choir this fun-packed App includes amazing interactive features for learning, playing and singing.

4 Vocal and Instrument parts & Backing Track. Control and Combine any way you want.

You can sing along with Scrolling Lyrics

Loop any section of the song

Slow down for easy learning

Change Key

Solo/Isolate any part

There are even extra Ukulele tutorials on how to play like DogZombies.



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The music is IN the books and NOW you can hear the real thing and learn to play the songs too.

click the image to view the videos click the image to view the videos

Watch the compilation video from the upcoming Tom Gates Mix Tape (It's a CD really!).

Mix tape compilation video

Tom Gates favourite band 'Dude3' release their debut single 'We Are One' available now from iTunes.

Get 'We Are One'